Best Minneapolis Pizza Places for Kids

Here’s a short but awesome throwback ‘Best of the Twin Cities’ review from – Mpls.St.Paul Magazine about the best pizza places for kids:


best Minneapolis pizza places

Pizza is a birthright of the young.

It fuels sleepovers, sustains tween athletes between tournament games, and exists as a general equalizer among the many stomachs that must be filled by parents every day. Here are our faves for kids:

Galactic Pizza

Three little girls sitting at a table wearing tiaras shriek when they see the Galactic Pizza delivery man in the back room. “There he is! There he is!” Galactic Pizza has costume-wearing superheroes delivering pizza, which is righteous no matter how old you are. (One literally caught a purse thief years ago.) But the pizza is also out of this world and heroic on its own time: The Paul Bunyan is a native-Minnesotan pie with free-range bison sausage, morel mushrooms, and crispy wild rice. Shazzam! The Pizza Bianca’s artichoke hearts and organic goat cheese get the perfect sprinkling of sun-dried tomatoes. Ka-pow! The thin, crispy, chewy crusts always come with just a perfect dusting of cornmeal: Pizza lovers assemble! 2917 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls., 612-824-9100,


Planet Saving Pizza. Locally sourced pies with vegan & gluten-free options, plus delivery drivers in superhero costumes.
Address: 2917 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408


Open today · 11AM–12AM