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These 4 Galactic Pizza Specials and Happy Hours are Out of This World

  It is always a good idea to order our pizza online. The super hero delivery drivers, the electric delivery vehicles and the convenient, delicious food make Galactic Pizza delivery a no-brainer. sweet deals, specials and happy hours in uptown minneapolis But did you know that Galactic has some great specials and happy hours that […]

Twin Cities 10 Best Pizza Places List Includes Galactic Pizza


    We would like to share another fantastic Top 10 list of local Minneapolis-Saint Paul pizza places! This year, Only In Your State included Galactic Pizza in their Top 5 pizza joints in the Twin Cities. This article is a little different than some of the other lists because it covers more territory, expanding beyond Minneapolis to […]

Galactic Pizza Featured in Twin Cities Blog Articles


We are thrilled to have been featured in some recent Twin Cities blog articles! The first is from Bootler (, an online food delivery service. It’s a little blurb about Galactic, check it out and take a look at Bootler‘s website. The second article is a really great in-depth piece by Dining Duster. They’re a […]

Galactic Pizza Named Best Place to Take Kids out to Eat 2017

best Minneapolis pizza places

Galactic Pizza is a values led company. We feel it is our responsibility. Therefore, we seek to maximize our impact by integrating as many socially beneficial actions into our day to day operations as possible. By incorporating a concern for the community–local, national, and global–our restaurant can make positive impact on the world in which it […]

Introducing Galactic Pizza’s Newest Pie, The Brooklyn Bee!

One of our New Year’s resolutions was to change things up once in a while. New specials, different events and charitable causes, new suppliers even. Add to that list new menu items, including our newest pizza, The Brooklyn Bee! After countless brainstorming sessions, test kitchen taste tests and of course super hero input, we came […]

Uptown’s Galactic Pizza Deemed, “The Most Whimsical Restaurant in Minnesota”

Thanks to for the great article – we just had to share! Read below:   Posted in MinnesotaMarch 09, 2017by Betsy Rathburn The Most Whimsical Restaurant In Minnesota Belongs On Your Bucket List From the small town to the city, Minnesota has hundreds of fantastic restaurants to choose from. There is truly something for […]

Galactic Pizza’s Positive Vision of the Future on our Planet

A Minneapolis values-led company   From the Galactic Pizza “Vision”  “At Galactic Pizza we have a positive vision of the future on our planet. We see a world that lacks the greed and self centeredness that has led us into the chaotic state that we see today. We see a world full of cooperation, sustainability, […]

Galactic Pizza Happy Hours & Specials We love the idea behind the thrifty hipster. First, they were throwing the word “hipster” around 10 – 15 years ago, long before the Brooklyn-to-Mpls hipster vibe engulfed the city of lakes. Second, they provide a really valuable service: they tell us where to go in the Twin Cities to have good food and […]

Galactic Pizza Makes Top 10 Lists for Mpls Pizza & Vegan Options

Galactic Pizza recognized as top Mpls destination for Pizza & Vegan Options At Galactic Pizza, we focus on making delicious pizza, pasta and more with local, fresh and organic ingredients for our Galactic Community. At the same time, we try to make the world a better place by buying local, minimizing our carbon footprint and bringing […]