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Galactic Pizza Delivery Drivers: Fighting Crime in Minneapolis

Galactic Pizza Delivery Drivers

Galactic Pizza‬ super hero drivers have a long and valiant history in Minneapolis   Read below for an article by CBS News covering one of Galactic Pizza’s very own super hero delivery drivers back in 2006. It is probably the most famous story involving our heroes, but there are many! By BRIAN DAKSS CBS June 9, 2006, 10:12 AM […]

Galactic Pizza Gift Cards

Fun Pizza Place Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN Gift Idea: The Galactic Experience Throughout the year, members of our Galactic community require unique, well-received gift options for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.  Gift cards make a good small gift – most of us can agree. They’re compact, they’re useful and convenient to purchase. Introducing Galactic Pizza Gift Cards!!  Like other fine gift cards […]

Galactic Pizza Delivery in Downtown Minneapolis

Pizza Delivery Downtown Minneapolis

Galactic Pizza Expands Delivery Area? Not quite – it’s just that a lot of our customers in our Galactic community may not be aware that we deliver to Downtown Minneapolis. While Galactic Pizza is known as a top restaurant in Uptown, we want to spread the word about our pizza delivery and catering options to […]