Electric Vehicles + Galactic Pizza: A Love Story

Galactic Pizza in Minneapolis is known for tasty pizza, 3D menus, super hero delivery drivers and electric delivery vehicles. The vehicles can be seen in Uptown cruising toward their next delivery. Many Minneapolitans have a memory of seeing a young guy in spandex, dressed in a cape exiting a tiny vehicle, pizza box in hand. Here we dive in and take a look at Galactic Pizza’s long, loving history with their delivery machines.

The super hero team at Galactic is on their 3rd generation of electric pizza delivery vehicles since starting in 2004. The low carbon footprint of the machines fits and represents their values-led philosophy. Pete, Galactic’s fearless owner, decided that a socially responsible pizza place should use delivery vehicles that have the least negative impact on our environment. Plus, being socially responsible can be fun.

Three Generations of Electric Love

The Gizmo

Back in the early days, the super heroes used a little NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) called the Nevco Gizmo.

The Galactic Pizza NEV, The Nevco Gizmo

The Gizmo was special to Galactic Pizza, if only because it came first. It was a rickety, ill-designed but lovable delivery cruiser. As one blogger with the good fortune of test driving it points out,

“EVERY control in the Gizmo is confusing…and even dangerous. It’s hard to start on a hill, as your right hand controls both the brake and the throttle, and you can’t go quickly from squeezing one to squeezing the other. To turn on-off the blinkers, your left hand must let go of the steering handle.”

Fun years were spent delivering pizza in the Gizmo. Pete would spend five hours PER DAY behind the restaurant, working on the Gizmos just to keep them on the road. One even spontaneously combusted once, causing the drive wheel to turn on full bore! Luckily the wheel was up on a jack, preventing a Galactic Gizmo fireball from cannon balling through Uptown Minneapolis. The fire department came to put it out, but not until letting it burn for quite a while.

The Xebra

About five years went by before the Galactic team made a change to the Zap Zebra. The look was an upgrade, though Pete still had to spend literally half a day keeping them on the road. Galactic Pizza’s commitment to social responsibility was as real then as it is now.

Galactic pizza delivery Minneapolis
The Zap Xebra in all its fiberglass glory


One well-reputed car reviewer from thetruthaboutcars.com puts in nicely,

“Its crudely finished fiberglass body is a rolling wart of huge panel gaps, wavy surfaces and rough edges. A moderate hill quickly drops “speed” into the teens. Every bump, crack and pothole becomes an obstacle to avoid or regret. The motor whines like a hairdryer about to expire.”

But it got the job done, and the tumultuous love affair continued.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV

About four years ago, Galactic switched to the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. While it won’t be mistaken for a BMW electric sedan, this little number is a big upgrade over the previous generations of Galactic delivery vehicles.

Pete no longer has to spend blood, sweat & tears for four hours a day keeping them on the road. The design is better and the driving range easily doubles the past generations.

Galactic Pizza delivery Minneapolis
Current Galactic Delivery Vehicles


As the technology for electric cars improves, Galactic Pizza will continue to deliver our famous pizzas and organic fare using the most environmentally friendly vehicles possible.  All kidding aside – the time spent on maintenance, the tough driving conditions and the Minneapolis weather were all challenges that took commitment to overcome. It hasn’t always been a honeymoon, but the love affair between Galactic Pizza and electric vehicles will live on for all time.

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