Galactic Pizza Named Best Place to Take Kids out to Eat 2017

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Galactic Pizza is a values led company. We feel it is our responsibility. Therefore, we seek to maximize our impact by integrating as many socially beneficial actions into our day to day operations as possible.

By incorporating a concern for the community–local, national, and global–our restaurant can make positive impact on the world in which it operates. That is our mission; how to accomplish our positive vision of the future on our planet.

at galactic pizza, We like to have fun

But we love to have fun, and that is another way we strive to add to the life of our community and to bring positivity to our everyday lives! So that’s why we are so thrilled and honored that City Pages named Galactic Pizza “Best Place to Take Kids Out to Eat”, in their Best of 2017. Check out the full article below, or see the article on



best of 2017: Best Place to Take Kids out to Eat

Galactic Pizza

Are you tired of eating dinner with your children at home, but terrified of what they might do in public? Pizza superhereos to the rescue!

Behind Galactic Pizza’s bright yellow storefront you’ll find just enough distractions to keep the kiddos occupied until your meal arrives: There are framed superhero costumes on the wall, 3D glasses that work on the multi-page menus, and an oversized coloring page with a hidden-items challenge that they’ll never complete (but good luck finding that carbon atom!).

The very tasty pizza comes in three sizes, so little ones can have their plain cheese while the grown-ups try something a little more adventurous, like the Minnesota-centric Paul Bunyan with wild rice and morels, or the seasonally changing CSA Pizza. Happy hour (also known as little kids’ dinner hour) brings discounted appetizers and, for the deserving parents, $3 beers from Surly, Flat Earth, and more.

Plus your kids will glean a little something about environmental concerns without being overtly taught, as they read about the “planet saving pizza” on the menu or catch glimpes of costumed delivery drivers heading to their electric cars.

Galactic Pizza

2917 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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