Galactic Pizza Photo Gallery

Galactic pizza – Minneapolis – planet saving pizza



Thanks for checking out some of our behind the scenes photos. We hope you enjoy these shots of everything from our electric delivery vehicles to our staff.

One more thing, our super hero delivery drivers are always up for a quick snapshot if you’re up for it!

Super Heroes and Their Electric Delivery Vehicles

Galactic Pizza Delivery Minneapolis

Galactic Pizza delivery super hero delivers to Lake Calhoun Minneapolis

Galactic Pizza Delivery Downtown Minneapolis

Galactic Pizza Delivery – Planet Saving Pizza for Downtown Minneapolis


Galactic Pizza Delivery Minneapolis

Galactic Super Hero Delivery Driver with His Trusty Galactic Pizza Electric Delivery Vehicle



Fill ‘er up (with electricity, powered by wind)!


Galactic Pizza nightlife: Comedy, music, open mic, trivia tuesdays

We are always working hard to source quality, organic and local ingredients to make our food worth coming back for again and again. But we also want to continue to grow our community through gatherings, entertainment and nightlife fun! Because what’s life without fun?


Open Mic Wednesdays!!!



Amazing performance by Symone Wilson!
Photo (Twitter): @mlafleur17



One of Trivia Night’s Winning Teams



Tuning Up



Trivia Tuesday!


GALACTIC PIZZA: Named best place to take kids to eat

Little super heroes are welcome at Galactic Pizza! We offer a great place to hang with the family, have a birthday party, or learn about eating responsibly sourced food. And don’t forget about the 3D glasses, super hero drivers and tasty pizza!

Fun Pizza Place Minneapolis

Family dining at Galactic Pizza . Kids love 3-D menus!


best Minneapolis pizza places

City Pages Named Galactic Pizza Best Place to Take Kids Out to Eat



Superheroes, 3D fun, AND pizza?! We’ve got it all right here 🎉



A pizza cake?! Genius! Happy birthday little guy!


Keep checking back for more photos!