Galactic Pizza’s Positive Vision of the Future on our Planet

A Minneapolis values-led company



From the Galactic Pizza “Vision”

 “At Galactic Pizza we have a positive vision of the future on our planet. We see a world that lacks the greed and self centeredness that has led us into the chaotic state that we see today. We see a world full of cooperation, sustainability, and harmony with our surroundings.”


How do we fulfill our vision of giving back to the community, limiting our impact on the environment and being a positive business? By striving to be the best possible example of a values-led company.  Values-led businesses care about behaviors, not buzz words. Below are (just) some of the ways in which Galactic Pizza has accomplished our mission:


  1. 1) Electric Delivery Vehicles

  2. Galactic-Pizza-Electric-Delivery-Vehicles

Unless the weather makes it impossible, we deliver our pizza, pasta & more to your door using 100% electric vehicles. We’ve had a few generations over the years, some working better than others. Read more about our electric delivery vehicles.



2) Galactic Pizza Runs Exclusively on Wind Energy



100% of the power purchased to run our restaurant is renewable wind energy. We put our money where our mouth is in order to power our business without using fossil fuels or energy sources that pollute our air and water.


3) We Only Use Recycled, Biodegradable and/or Compostable Packaging




4) Galactic Pizza Gives Back to the Community



At Galactic Pizza, giving is part of our culture. Check out all our charitable programs here. One popular and successful example of our giving back is Dine for Dollars. Our “Dine for Dollars” program is a great way to raise additional money for your worthwhile organization or cause, while having fun eating pizza!

We helped these students raise enough money through the Dine for Dollars program to help them travel to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. A once in a lifetime experience!



In addition to Dine for Dollars and our other programs, our staff (which includes our superhero delivery drivers) likes get out into the community and support positive action. In the photos below, the Galactic team enjoyed helping Whittier Elementary School in Minneapolis kick off their Read-a-thon.




There are other ways we endeavor to be a truly values-led business, including charitable donations, locally sourced & organic food, vegan options and more. In the end it is our goal to provide our customers and community with the best tasting, most responsibly sourced food that is provided in a positive and Earth-friendly manner.

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