Introducing Galactic Pizza’s Newest Pie, The Brooklyn Bee!

One of our New Year’s resolutions was to change things up once in a while. New specials, different events and charitable causes, new suppliers even. Add to that list new menu items, including our newest pizza, The Brooklyn Bee!


After countless brainstorming sessions, test kitchen taste tests and of course super hero input, we came up with a pie that is savory yet delivers a hint of spicy/sweet to dazzle your palate. Take a look at the conscientiously sourced, farm-to-table ingredients:

Tomato sauce, red pepper flakes, sopressata, organic Roma tomatoes, organic red onions, mozzarella, Pecorino Romano cheese, and honey. 


Our server Jalisa with the Brooklyn Bee 🐝

Vegan and Vegetarian versions feature vegan meat from the Herbivorous Butcher and Bee Free Honee.


Vegan Brooklyn Bee


Pricing for the Brooklyn Bee below, or check out the rest of the menu:

Regular $14.95 $19.40 $22.95
Vegetarian $14.95 $19.40 $22.40
Vegan $15.10 $19.55 $23.50
Gluten Free $19.95


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