Twin Cities 10 Best Pizza Places List Includes Galactic Pizza




We would like to share another fantastic Top 10 list of local Minneapolis-Saint Paul pizza places! This year, Only In Your State included Galactic Pizza in their Top 5 pizza joints in the Twin Cities. This article is a little different than some of the other lists because it covers more territory, expanding beyond Minneapolis to find the tastiest pizza and the best atmosphere. Read the full article here, and check out their blurb about Galactic:

These 10 Best Pizza Places In Minneapolis-Saint Paul Are So Good That Your Mouth May Explode

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Pizza is one of the greater things in life. Whether you like the thinnest crust or the deepest and thickest crust, with varying amounts of sauce, cheese, and toppings, there is a perfect pizza out there for everyone. Pizza can bring people together in a way that most other foods can’t. Minneapolis and Saint Paul are fortunate to have plenty of pizza joints beyond the Pizza Huts and Johns. Here are the 10 essential pizza places you must visit in the Twin Cities: